While lead can be found in abundance in water, it bears a significant threat to the environment and health. After the recent Flint water crisis, people became aware of the lead levels in the water. Besides lead, there are lots of other contaminants in the drinking water as well that pose a significant threat to health.

Damaging Effects of Lead              

Neurotoxins like lead can cause brain disorders and heavy kidney damage. Lead can also damage bloodstream walls and red blood cells. Lead is a dangerous substance for pregnant ladies as the substance can be life-threatening for infants and unborn babies. Even for young children of up to 7 years of age, it causes serious damage to the nervous system and can lead to many disabilities and abnormalities like:

∙         Attention disorder

∙         Reduced IQ

∙         General behavior problems

∙         Physical and mental development delay

∙         Damage to the nervous system

Removing Lead and Toxic Components from water

Fortunately, it is possible to remove lead from the drinking water. The simplest ways of removing lead and other contaminants are using the right lead filter system after identifying the source of contamination with the accumulation and intensity of lead.

Proper filtration methods for Removing Contaminants from Water

It is simple to install a lead filter system to remove contaminants, but the process of finding the right one according to your requirements is a tough task. These are the best methods of water filtration for lead removal:

Activated Carbon Filtration

With activated carbon, you get heavy metals such as magnesium, lead, and other harmful contaminants. However, not all carbon-activated filtration totally removes lead. The filter cartridges can also get quickly filled and also require frequent replacement. Lead removing capabilities of filters also deteriorate after they process water on the power capability and filter quality.

RO (reverse osmosis)

RO system can remove around 94% to 97% lead from the water. However, a little amount is still present after filtration as the systems for commercial and personal uses can’t be said as a total reverse osmosis system. Thus, you must add activated cartridges of carbon filters to RO for pure and lead-free water.

House Water Filters

The home water lead filter system or point of entry system is there in the mainline before the water reaches the house. These filters work well for purifying the well water and minimize the lead or iron from it. Among the best suitable cartridges for water units, more than 100 gallons per day are 15ppb and 25ppb filters. For large-scale commercial use of more than 1, 50,000 gallons in a day, around 100ppb filters are fine.

Showerhead filters

Lead destroys the hair. Direct lead contact helps in direct water penetration in the skull resulting in severe disorders of the brain in adults. Shower filters also make use of a special lead filter system of more than 99% lead from the water. Also, they remove high levels of contaminants present in hot water from water warmers.

Filter Pitchers

Conventional pitchers require a coconut-based carbon filter with ion exchange resin for minimizing lead levels in water through great margin. These are portable and handy for personal use due to their energy-saving working and low price. They’re known to remove more than 99% lead from the water.

Under Counter Water Purifiers

These are among the most commonly available drinking water purifiers. They have a different water filtration system that can remove more than 99.9% of lead from the water. Various under sink filters can also be available with temperature control for not leading the lead accumulates in containers as well. Being inline filters, the installation is cheap and simple too.


Tap water lead exposure is possible almost anywhere but the highest risk places are old buildings having lead pipes. The presence of lead higher than safe levels isn’t recommended for everyone but is bad for children and infants as well. Additionally, with a lead water system, you can also contact a water lab in the local area to know about the presence of lead and other harmful elements in your water supply.

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