Choosing a perfect mirror for your bathroom can be a tricky issue. This is more so because of its importance in how you groom yourself and how you look in the public. For most people, it can be an intimate and personal issue that just has to be perfect. However, the size and style of the mirror will depend on the bathroom’s size and style. For the benefit of the majority of the readers, we assume you want to install a mirror above your vanity sink. The other option can be the installation of bathroom mirrors in the recessed walls. In either case, some measurements and calculations will have to be done.

Placing the mirror above vanity sink

This is the perfect place for placing the mirror in the bathroom. Another important thing to remember is that the mirror should not match the width of the vanity or else it will give a box-like feeling about the space. The width should be a few inches short of the vanity from either side. This means the mirror is placed right in the middle on the wall above the vanity. This gives you the width of your OKC bathroom mirror.

Measure from where the vanity ends   

For the height of the mirror, you measure from where the vanity ends. An ideal installation would be a little above the vanity — about 6-12 inches – so that it does not end up getting water on its surface every time you use the faucets. Now, where would you want the mirror to go up – right up to the light or a little short of it? Your answer would determine the length of the mirror.

Take a look at the next window

The size and style of your bathroom mirror can also be influenced by the windows you have in the bathroom. Do they let in a lot of sunlight? If yes, you can place the mirror so that it reflects much of the light that enters the bathroom. This will not only keep the bathroom more illuminated with daylight but also offer a greater degree of hygiene in this otherwise wet and damp corner of your home. This consideration may allow you to have a mirror that is larger than the vanity in its dimensions.

Are two people going to use the window at the same time?

If this is the case, which is not very uncommon, you need to pay special attention to the size. You can choose to have two smaller mirrors that take up their space above the vanity. You can leave some space between them and also on the sides so that their placement looks balanced. But if you choose to have one big mirror, you can pay some attention to its frames. Are the frames taking more space from the sides than you are willing to give? If it is so, you can go for a frameless mirror or you can choose thin frames that leave more mirror space for both of you to comfortably fit in.

Final thoughts  

The size and style of the bathroom mirror is a subject of a great conjecture and contemplation. While personal choices are likely to get precedence there are some established norms that we have discussed above in this article. These should form the basic guidelines for your choices to have a sound basis. You can also take the help of a professional service or an interior decorator, who can help you with the overall design and décor of your bathroom.

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Which Size of Mirrors You Should Choose for Your Bathrooms