There are different types of shotguns available in the market and therefore making the right choice may not be easy. Whenever you visit guns stores in Oklahoma City for buying shotguns, it would be better if you have some basic information about the different points to be kept in mind when buying these guns. It will help you to buy the right shotgun taking into account your exact needs and requirements. The recommendations that are being suggested over the next few lines are based on facts and information that is genuine. Therefore you will be acting more on the real situation on the ground rather than being judgmental based on opinions and hearsays alone.

 Which Gauge Should You Choose

 Though many of us would have come across the gauge of a shotgun, we may not be aware as to what exactly it is all about. Put in simple words, gauge represents the diameter of the barrel. The size of the shell that comes out of the shotgun is therefore directly related to the gauge of the gun that you choose. While 12 gauge and 20 gauge are the most commonly used and popular ones, there are also many other different sizes of gauges that are available in the market. One of the smallest shotguns is called 410 bore guns. It is basically for small games and also for defense purposes. They resemble the size of a revolver and are basically used for defense purposes. 28 gauge shotguns are considered to be lightweight and are used for pheasant hunting and for hunting other types of upland birds. The 20 gauge shotguns are the second most common type in the USA. It is chosen for target shooting and hunting. It is light in weight and it has less recoil than 12 gauge guns. It is also suitable for all types of bird hunting.


 The action of shotguns also needs to be taken into account. Basically, there are three major types of actions pump action, double-barreled shotgun action, and semiautomatic action. Pump action shotguns are popular because they are affordable, easy to use and reliable. It is suitable for almost any type of use. The semi automatic ones use gas blowback and it will work once the trigger is pulled. They are considered suitable for very fast shooting but come with a bigger price tag and their reliability is also under question.


Barrel Length

When you choose shotguns with longer barrels, it will be better when it comes to shooting skeet. On the other hand, shorter barrels are quite popular for home defense and also for other tactical applications. Hence, when one looks at it closely, it has been found that hunting shotguns have a length of 26 to 28 inches. There are others who buy rifled barrel shotgun for deer hunting because they may not be able to use the conventional shotguns as per the law of the land in their respective states and areas.

In fine, there are a number of factors that must be kept in mind while choosing shotguns. You must choose something that fits you well in terms of size, recoil, weight and of course the size of the bore and other such factors.

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