Are you living far away from your aging parents? Do you wish to make sure that they receive all the required services and amenities? A continuing care retirement community is exactly what you need. This article offers valuable information about such communities. Read along and find out more.

What are Continuing Care Retirement Communities?

A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) is a form of retirement community that aims at supporting aging adults by offering accommodations, services related to assisted living as well as nursing home care. The living spaces offered are based on the needs of the community. Most CCRCs have a common dining area, gym, activity centers, outdoor recreation spots, etc.

What are the different types of contracts provided by a Continuing Care Retirement Community?

Life Care Contracts (Type A)

Through such contracts, residents receive shelter, amenities, residential services, nursing care, and personal assistance throughout their lives. An entrance fee is followed by monthly fee charges. Whether the entrance fees will be refunded or partially refunded, depends on the duration of the stay.

Modified Contracts (Type B)

Here, residents need to pay lower monthly charges though they continue to receive the same services and amenities provided under the previous contract. If a resident moves to the next level of care, the independent living rate is charged only for a particular time period.

Fee for Services Contracts (Type C)

In this case, the entrance fee is lower than what they are in the above two types. These contracts provide guaranteed admission of senior citizens to the top levels of care. However, they do not receive any discounts while availing services related to assisted living and health care.

What kind of assistance and care does a Continuing Care Retirement Community offer?

Most CCRCs provide three levels:

Assisted living

This level of care focuses on helping the residents with their daily activities like bathing, dressing up, eating, etc. The service is provided either in a dedicated facility or in a residential unit within the community.

Independent living

Under this level of care, residents of CCRCs take care of themselves while enjoying a range of housekeeping services and other amenities within the community. Some communities also organize exclusive programs to guide residents towards successful aging.

Nursing home care

CCRCs provide round-the-clock nursing home care to elderly citizens ensuring that they can have good physical and mental health. They offer skilled nursing facilities dedicated to keeping the residents in their best health.

How much does a Continuing Care Retirement Community cost?

The cost of continuing care retirement community long island NY differs from one organization to another. Most of the CCRCs charge new residents an upfront entrance fee, also known as an upfront deposit. This amount may range between $20,000 and $550,000.

Residents also need to pay a monthly service fee during the period of their stay in the community. The monthly fees depend on the housing unit, level of care needed and the kind of contract bought. Generally, the monthly fees fall between $500 and $4,000.

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