Hey, are you a business enthusiast and want your business to go with the flowing trend? Then you are at the right place because in this article we have discussed some wiki social media monitoring tools which can make your business go with the trend.


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What does it mean by social media listening or monitoring?


The procedure of listening to social media discussions that are related to your business brand is known as social media monitoring. Companies engage themselves in social media listening for various purposes, for example, to engage with their clients, to deliver customer assistance, to estimate their social media stretch, or to recognize social media fashion/modes.


To “listen”, companies take the help of social media listening/monitoring devices to gather social notes and track URLs, hashtags, and keywords that they find interesting.


Use of Social Media Listening Tools


There is a wonderful deal of amazing social media monitoring tools there on the internet. Among those tools, there are some built particularly to enable you to pick out related social media conversation — social media listening tools. Many of these monitoring tools authorize you to survey numerous profiles on social media on varied social media forums from a sole spot. Some of them even let you oversee social media keywords and trends.




Using Hootsuite, one can lift endless social media matter streams based on one’s mentions, locations, hashtags, or selected keywords. Also, Hootsuite collaborates with hundreds and more apps to assist businesses to do better from their dashboard.


If you decide to subscribe to any of Hootsuite’s schemes, you can access other features also such as analytics and scheduling.



Platforms supported: Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, forums, blogs,  and more.


  1. Sprout Social


Sprout Social is way similar to Hootsuite has two different virtues for social engagement and monitoring.


In its Smart Inbox, one will get all their social media messages and mentions. With the finding feature, one can browse for specific keywords on Instagram or Twitter (for instance when somebody refers to your brand or name without naming your social profile).


Platforms supported: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn.


  1. Mention


Mention is something more than simply a social media monitoring tool, it further monitors mentions/tags of one’s brand name across the network on platforms like Amazon, Booking.com, Yelp, and Tripadvisor. On its bespoke company plan, one can receive in-depth reports and insights of their brand mentions.


If one connects its social media identity to the online Media Monitoring tools, it can answer mentions immediately within Mention.


Supported platforms – Facebook, Blogs, Twitter,Forums Instagram, etc




If you need your business and brand to grow more and prosper in this competitive world then there is no doubt that you must use social media monitoring tools.


In this online world, there are hardly a few people who don’t have access to social media platforms, thus it becomes very easy to share anything or spread any news.  So if you want to make your brand popular then try to understand the social trends and can modify yourself according to your customer’s needs, this helps in making your brand more customer connected.

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Social Media Monitoring Tools – Facts You Need to Know