Everyone wants their company to be on the top, there should be no competitors or if there are then they must be beaten but how is it possible. Is it possible by just working hard day and night or does it need something more? So always remember that modern problems need modern solutions, you have to work smartly more than just working hard. Therefore social listening tools become very crucial as they help you to analyze and monitor your brand value, market demands, competitors, or anything that might be helpful for your company’s growth or is related to it.

Yes, we can say that social listening behaves like a mind reader and then a mind teller. It aids the marketers to analyze the demand for their product or brand by surveying the customer’s mentions/certain keywords gathering them from every online platform they use. With this, the company can decide better where they should spend more on advertising and where on improving the product quality.


Strategies With Social Listening

Below are some strategies which you can use with social listening platforms and make your business better. These are as follows :

  • Identify the possibilities, this will help you in developing a lead, and once you get a lead it becomes quite easy to understand and get into the flow of business.
  • Engage with disappointed customers: Never forget that not only those who are happy with your brand are important but those who are dissatisfied are more important. So try to build such keywords or phrases on social listening that can array all unhappy customers and their queries in one place.
  • Recognize influencers
  • Understand the terminology of your audience.
  • Establish new and interesting tags.

Social Listening And Social Monitoring:

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that many people often tend to use both social listening and social monitoring together as the same though they are not.

Wifi Social Media monitoring or social monitoring is about recording, observing, or inspecting with tools or software which cause no effect to the condition or website operation. It is like collecting quantitative data for example what number of times your product was talked about on any social media platform, how many people are aware of your brand/product, and many such quantitative analyses. On the contrary as the name  “social listening” suggests it is about hearing / listening to the mentions of phrases/ keywords about the brand and then having a qualitative analysis of that data.

So in short and sweet terms, social monitoring is ” what’s going on ” and social listening is to know about ” why it is going on?”

Social Listening And Its Limitations

Social listening no doubt is a great tool, it helps a lot to understand the customer’s viewpoint but like everything, it also has some limitations like :

  • It can measure data and trends but not emotions: What a customer projects online about any brand can’t be taken exactly by social listening sometimes.
  • Social media is very crowded, so it sometimes gets difficult to maintain the quality of data analysis.
  • Conversations are not always the same, they might change with time and place.

Social listening does have some boundaries but the benefits remain always more than the limitations. So go and experience it!


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Social Listening And Its Know-how