Call tracking for businesses is now becoming a necessity rather than a choice. Today we have many organizations regularly tracking calls because they consider it to be an effective marketing tool. Business owners are keen to take advantage of the same because it does provide a lot of information and details about the customers. Customers make inbound calls only when they need information about something. If the information and details required are provided to them, it will improve the chances of converting such calls into positive business opportunities. Call tracking, therefore, is considered to be a part of a larger marketing strategy and it could be very beneficial for your business and its growth from one level to another. However, like all technical tools and marketing strategies, there are upsides and downsides that one should be aware of. We are happy to share the pros and cons of call tracking software for the benefit of our readers.



  • It is a great marketing tool. This is because it allows the recording of information about various incoming calls.
  • It is very helpful in understanding how customers can be in a position to reach companies that sell products and services. It could be based on information available on the website or through other advertisement
  • It helps companies to improve their overall marketing strategy and make changes to it as and when necessary.
  • It helps in better utilization of the telemarketing staff. They can be put on duty at a time when the incoming calls are the most in terms of volume.
  • Search engine optimization strategies can also be changed based on the inputs that are received from such inbound calls.
  • It can help in the reduction of overall advertising and marketing costs. This is because the marketing activities undertaken through such call tracking software is cost-effective and not a big burden even on small and medium-sized outlets.
  • It can help you to find out which marketing activity is yielding results and which is not.
  • Return on investments can be improved by better targeting of advertisements and sales promotion activities.
  • It can be easily integrated with other marketing tools. This is flexible software and it should not be a problem to integrate with various other tools


  •  You would require technical expertise to install and manage the software. Installation might look easy but whenever there is a problem, it could bring the entire incoming activity down and this could cause major problems to the organization.
  • Clients often keep wrong phone numbers and therefore the incoming calls could be not accurate. It could lead to a waste of money in many situations.
  • There is a possibility of having many phone numbers and this could create problems, confusion and could often prove to be counterproductive.

 The Final Word

 If we take into account the pros and cons concerning advanced call tracking, we could have some new perspectives and understanding about it. It could be a useful tool for more efficient management of your marketing and other activities. You will be able to manage inbound calls more effectively and understand the behavior pattern of customers and also gather more insight into their demographics. On the flip side, if not used properly it could boomerang and prove to be counterproductive.


Pros & Cons of Call Tracking Software