Cabo San Lucas Travel provides a wide selection of private yacht charters, from small private boats to super-luxury yachts. You can arrange a private charter in Cabo port if you have a large group in town for a wedding, corporate retreat, or family gathering, or if you are in Cabo for your honeymoon, anniversary, or birthday and want an exclusive, romantic boat trip.

Private Yacht Charter in Cabo San Lucas is all staffed, with top-notch staff to provide a fantastic sailing or cruising experience. Create your own luxury yacht beach experience with others on your cruise ship, or make new friends in your resort and share one of the magnificent private boats for charter in Cabo!

This half-day private yacht adventure off the coast of Los Cabos is ideal if you’re traveling in a large company or want a more exclusive experience.

Some of the advantages of renting a private chartered include:


Having all of that privacy and space to yourself is one of the benefits of having your private yacht rental. Whether it’s a romantic getaway or quality time with family and friends, having your luxury yacht rental has its advantages!

Create a Memory

If you’ve ever been on an oceanic cruise liner, you owe it about yourself to plan a luxury yacht charter Cabo san Lucas. Being aboard a private boat is a very unique experience than being on a packed ocean liner with thousands of other people. There’s no greater way to meet with colleagues and relatives than by taking in the sights and sounds of lovely Saugatuck on Lake Michigan. You and five other friends will be allowed to board the private yacht.

Scenery View

Yacht tours are smaller than ocean liners and can dock in more remote locations. If you book a yacht trip in Cabo San Lucas, it will sail at the port directly. We highly urge you to schedule a view if you have never seen a sunset in Cabo. Observing the sunset might make you feel more comfortable and connected to nature.

Enjoy in a Cabo Sunset in Style

Every private yacht charter in Cabo San Lucas when it comes to functionality, security, manufacturing facilities, and global sights. Sail aboard one of our fully-equipped sailing ships and feel the romance, excitement, and pleasure of sailing.

Under the rich light of a Cabo yachts sunset, each of these magnificent sites becomes even more spectacular. Our sunset cruise is ideal for a romantic evening or a relaxing evening with friends, and it will provide you with gorgeous scenery which you will remember for a long time.


Cabo has several outstanding and well-established boat charter businesses that can meet your every sailing requirement and ambition. Private yachts can ensure that you enjoy one of Cabo’s most stunning events, whether it’s a wedding party, a company conference, or simply a family getaway!

For the proper price, captains with complete crews and private chefs can be hired for that very special fine dining experience on the sea! Sunset tours are possible on some Cabo boat charters, and overnight options are available on others.

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