Water is very essential for our survival. We need to ensure that the water we are drinking is safe and free from any harmful substances like barium, copper, etc. Lead is one of the most commonly found substances that can contaminate drinking water and be very harmful to our health. Many water filter companies have a lead filter system installed in their filters so that you can drink lead-free water.

To ensure that the lead filter system in your water filter works correctly you should know a few things about the process so that you can tell if the lead filter system is showing failure.

Let us know about the lead filter system in detail

What are your options?

There are a few things that you can do that will help you to remove lead from your drinking water. The first solution can be replacing all the pipes from inside and outside that are connected to your home. Although this solution can surely remove lead from your drinking water, it is very costly.

The second thing you can do is, add water treatment devices that work as a lead filter system. More specifically, these devices can have carbon-based filters made for removing lead and reverse osmosis which will be a perfect lead filter system.

Working of carbon-based filterĀ 

Most of the carbon-based filters use activated charcoal which works as a lead filter system for the filter. The activated charcoal is made when you treat heat and oxygen or with certain acids or bases. These chemical reactions can rearrange carbon atoms to form lots of tiny spores. This increases the surface area of the activated charcoal. Due to the increased surface area and lots of tiny pores, the activated charcoal can filter out lead through adsorption.

This process is highly efficient and popular nowadays. You are going to find a carbon-based filter that uses activated charcoal as a lead filter system anywhere you go dialysis filtration.

You can use the same carbon filter for six months but after that, you must replace the filter since the activated charcoal can no longer absorb the lead particles.

Working of reverse osmosisĀ 

Before understanding reverse osmosis we need to understand what osmosis means. Osmosis is a naturally occurring process in which a liquid such as water spontaneously passes through a membrane. The membrane allows only water to pass through and the rest of the substances are not allowed to pass through the membrane. In osmosis, the liquid flows from less concentration to higher concentration, which means that clean water flows towards contaminated water. When this process is reversed, it is called reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis works as a lead filter system with great efficiency. It can easily separate most of the substances that can contaminate drinking water. The reverse osmosis membrane can last up to 2 to 3 years. Although if you have very hard water, it might die early. You need to check the PH scale to check if the RO is working effectively or not.

These are some of the things that play a major role in purifying your drinking water.

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How to Remove Lead from Your Drinking Water