According to historians, polo shirts were first worn in Manipur, India in the mid-1800s but polo t-shirt has shot to fame post Rene Lacoste wore it at an U.S. Open in the year 1926 after Brooks Brothers imported the polo shirt to the U.S. after it was introduced in the Britain by the British army in 1862. People henceforth; opt for one not just for playing golf but also for various other sports and also wears one casually or in professional places on the days when they need to wear office casuals. And with no doubt, they look really smart and sporty irrespective of their gender and the color or print of the t-shirt.

Nowadays, women are actively participating in golf and are being recognized as one of the best golfers of the world and are flaunting their sense of style by wearing ever elegant and stylish polo t-shirts of various colors and prints. And here we are, to help you out to select your racerback polo t-shirt color from the wide range of collections as now the golf companies have come up with really stylish, breathable, durable and affordable t-shirts unlike earlier ages which used to restrict body movements and were not any of the above mentioned things.

Go for Basic Color

Though the is a color for everyone but we cannot deny that the basic colors like, white, navy blue, deep greens and burgundy never fails to impress people of every gender, skin color and size. So, we would like to suggest to have at least one polo t-shirt of basic color in your wardrobe along with some other exotic colored t-shirts.

Choose a Pastel Color

Though, some might claim colors like yellow, light blue, purple, orange, pink and other shades of greens to be a basic color but, we would like to keep it under the segment of not-so-basic colors or pastel colors. These works best for people who prefer to have low contrast with their skin color.

One for the Patterns

Once you have filled your wardrobe with some solid basic and pastel colored t-shirts, you can turn around your eyes and check out the exotic prints and patterns these t-shirt companies has to offer to impress the people around you while taking a shot at the course with your incredible sense of style. You have options like checks, bobby prints, stripes, floral prints, etc. as the list goes on and on.

The Contemporary Ones

As the fashion industry is taking a leap, they also came up with some stylish concepts of women’s polo t-shirts like, contrasting collars, ribbed hems and plackets. But these are not a good investment as they the style might run out in few years.

Buyers Tip

Irrespective of body type and color, one must have a classy white, the evergreen black, the pretty pink, the sophisticated navy blue and the refreshing green colored polo t-shirt by a female golfer. Now, if you are a black haired Caucasian skin colored or a dark skin colored person, then, a high contras color shall look better on you. But if you have blonde hair and light skin color, then, lesser contrast colors shall work best for you. On that note, we wish you happy shopping and thank us later.

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How to Pick Women`s Golf Polo of Right Color