Call tracking software is very helpful as they help the sales team in making a map of the journey that a customer makes on their websites before the phone is cut. This helps in identifying all the ways in which progress can be made in the company’s sales. Following are some points to keep in mind when choosing a call tracking software:


Simple to use – The best software should be easy to install as well as use so that it is easy for the sales and marketing teams to use.


The dashboard should be intuitive – You will have to find various solutions to discover which dashboard is the most suitable for your company. When doing this go for software that offers free trials. If you have to look up every single detail there is no use for that software. You should get all the information in one place.


Profiles of callers – The software ought to allow you to set up caller profiles by finding all the relevant data which includes the caller’s location, the device from which they are calling, the time when they called and other important details.


CRM integration – If for sales you are using a CRM programme make sure the tracking software you choose is compatible with that so that you can get all the details in contact records. Also if you are using some other programs, keep this point in mind.


Scalability – If you are a small company now you never know when you turn big. Keep in mind if the software you choose will be able to scale or cover all the information once it keeps on growing. Also, see the cost. If the software gets quite expensive with more work, find out if it would still be able to produce a positive ROI for your company.


Real-time analysis – If a customer is on call you have no time to wait till they hang up. The most important part is to be able to access the date when they are on call as it improves your capacity to deliver the desired service and give you a better opportunity.


Real-time as well as the history of the caller – The benefit of tracking software is that you can use the information for future use also and for making the experience of the customers better.  This is only possible when you are able to access good reporting tools and also that it can track all the conversion rates and measure the ROI.


Customization – As your company is unique, so should your software.  The software that you use should be compatible with your needs.


Call Recording – Before hiring make sure that there is a call recording feature. This will help the head to review the conversations consistently as there they can improve the areas that need improving.


Being Able to track Keywords – The software should be able to tell you who visited your website organically for a keyword and can be transferred to a page that has the word on your website and after that, they called you. Without this feature, you won’t get all the information.


Brilliant Call Routing – Some software either have IVR systems or work with the ones that you already have. Regardless of this, make sure that the system can send the information to the right place.


These are some points that should be kept in mind before choosing a call tracking software.

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