If you are keen on choosing the right IMS or EHS for your workplace, factory or commercial premises, then you have quite a few things to do. With so many options involved and with so many complexities out there, making the right choice could be indeed quite tough, to say the least. It would always be better to spend some time, do your research and make the right choice the first time around. Further, the solution that you are looking forward to must be something that could be relied upon by your investigations as well as security staff. This has to happen continuously for long periods of time. It should be good enough for now, tomorrow and also for the future. It must be scalable and should be user-friendly. With so many choices and options being available, we are listing down a few important tips that we believe could help you to make the right choice.


Ease Of Use And Efficiency

 You must always look for an IMS that makes it easy for you to keep a tab on the incidents and ensure that the business rules are enforced. As far as the individual user is concerned, the onus lies on choosing something that is easy to use. The data query features should be easy to operate and the reports should be meaningful and must be able to give full details about specific activities, incidents so that the right investigations and solutions can be found out. It should also help users who are ready to think out of the box rather than being straight-jacketed about the whole thing.



 Good IMS must allow the users to change the field labels and also the field. They also should be able to add new fields so that it is in line with the changing priorities and terminologies of your organization. You must also try and find out whether these changes could allow easy updating as and when new releases are announced and put out in the market. The software solutions must be ready to offer unique solutions based on specific individual needs and requirements.



 You should also try and find out if the software solution has an open web service or API service. This will enable you to connect the system to various other applications. In today’s world of software solutions, interoperability and integration are keys for the efficient functioning of your SOC or security operations center. You must be sure that there is a regular flow of data and it also is possible to push and pull data between the incident management system and also various other applications.


Is It Scalable And Adaptable

 Are you sure that the solutions grow in line the needs and requirements of your security department? Does it become a problem when adding new users or adding new locations? It is quite obvious that your business will grow and in such situations, you would not like to be stuck with a cap or limitation when it comes to adding new users and new locations.


Mobile Usage

 Apart from the above, you must ensure that the IMS option that you choose also has a mobile solution to it. There could be situations where internet connections might get lost. If this happens, the software solution must be able to create the incident on a mobile app. The same should be synced to the main software once the internet is restored.


How To Choose The Right Incident Management Software System