Are you looking for an article that has everything about the bone marrow registry? If yes, then you have come to the right article. As you know that bone marrow is an important substance that is very useful in treating blood cancers. That’s why it recommended that everyone should donate bone marrow. So if you are planning to donate your bone marrow and want to know how bone match registry works, then stick to this article.

Every person who wants to donate their bone marrow is required to join the bone marrow match registry. Doctors and health professionals all over the world search these registries to find the matches for the patients. Joining the registry is the first step and after that, there are some other things that are required. The bone marrow match registry works by taking the sample of cells of healthy people.

In other words, people who want to join the bone marrow match registry require to provide the sample of their cells that is collected by swabbing the inner side of the cheek. Then this sample is used to compare specific HLA with the HLA markers of the people who need a transplant. HLA are specific protein markers and both donor and receiver must have the matching HLA to donate and receive the bone marrow. Doctors research all the different match registries to search the donors that have matching HLA markets as their patients.

This search is done regularly and doctors do this on the behalf of the patients. If your HLA markers are matched with the patients, then there are some steps that are followed to make sure that the donation is safe and healthy for both the patient and the donor.

The Donation Process

1- Get Ready

If you match with a patient, then the doctors will contact you for your consent and approval. They will ask you some questions like are you willing to donate your bone marrow and if you say yes, then they will ask you to update your health information and come for the next testing session. This test is done to identify whether you are the best match. Then the doctors will give you all the information regarding the procedure, and the recovery along with all the risks and effects. Then you will just have to sign a consent form stating that you agree to donate bone marrow.

Donate Bone Marrow Or PBSC

Once you agree to all the terms, the doctor will move to the donation methods, which are PBSC and Bone marrow donation. He will choose one that is best for the patient:


  • PBSC Donation- In this method, the doctor injects you with Filgrastim, a medicine that increases the blood-forming cells. On the donation day, your blood will be removed and the blood-forming cells will be separated through a machine. And the rest of the blood is transferred to your body
  • Bone Marrow- This is a surgical process in which the doctors take the liquid marrow from your pelvic bone by using a needle


After the donation, donors are given rest until they are back normal. Generally, the recovery process takes 7 to 10 days and after the donor can return to their normal life.

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Bone Marrow Match Registry – How It Works