Concrete is considered as the best flooring material among the builders as it can be used in many ways while constructing any kind of floor including rooms, driveways, patios, and walkways, etc. But to improve the looks of the indoor floors people normally use tiles, blocks, and marble as flooring materials. However, these are a bit costly flooring options. So, if you are searching for a cost-effective and perfect flooring alternative then you can consider stained concrete as a flooring material.

The stained concrete is a long term and attractive flooring solution which can be used in residential, commercial as well as industrial settings due to its hard wearing surface. It can convert any plain concrete floor into an extremely durable, low maintenance and attractive surface.

Applications to use stained concrete

The concrete can be stained in various patterns and colors from which you can choose as per your taste and preferences. Stained concrete can be used mainly in the applications listed here under:

  • Flooring for warehouses
  • Flooring in manufacturing plants
  • Flooring in laboratories
  • Flooring in the distribution plant
  • Flooring for an aircraft hanger
  • Flooring in factories
  • Flooring in restaurants and commercial kitchens
  • Flooring in shopping centers, retail stores, and malls
  • Flooring in showrooms
  • Flooring in schools and universities
  • Flooring in outdoor spaces like patios and pool decks

In this way, stained concrete in Edmond OK is a magical flooring material as it can give a wood, marble, leather, and stone like finish to any floor, outdoor or indoor. It can improve the looks of your indoor as well as outdoor floors in a very inexpensive manner as compared to other flooring options stated above. Though you will have to hire a professional service to improve the aesthetic look of your floors still it will not affect your budget considerably.

Benefits of stained concrete floors

The use of stained concrete flooring at various indoor and outdoor locations is increasing day-by-day due to a number of benefits provided by it, like:

Durability: The floors made of stained concrete do not fade, peel or chip because of its extremely durable structure. The finish of this flooring material can be preserved by sealing it with urethane or epoxy coating.

Affordability: The use of stained concrete as a flooring material is an extremely cost-effective option particularly for larger spaces like commercial building and industrial units etc.

Attractiveness: The looks of any surface made from ordinary concrete can be converted into an attractive surface just by using stained concrete flooring option. An ordinary looking surface will look like an expensive surface like that of glazed stone or marble etc. by using concrete staining OKC.

Low maintenance cost: The surfaces made by using stained concrete are easy to maintain and clean due to their extreme smoothness. Its looks can be improved just by using a damp mop for cleaning it. Moreover, the floors made from this concrete flooring material will also improve the quality of air inside your home as well as the business as they do not capture mold, dust, dirt, and allergens of any kind.

In this way, stained concrete is an extremely beneficial and cost-effective flooring material for residential as well as commercial and industrial units.

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Benefits of Stained Concrete Flooring